Saas-Fee Stomping Grounds Are Open And Here’s Why You Should Care

Saas-Fee Stomping Grounds Are Open And Here’s Why You Should Care

So about a week ago Stale Sandbech (@stalesandbech) released this video on his YouTube channel.

In the video filmed by Spencer Whiting (@gimbalgod) and created by Drew Hastings (@drewhastings) you can see Stale, Marcus Kleveland (@marcuskleveland), Markus Olimstad (@markusolimstad), Torgeir Bergrem (@torgeirbergrem), and Sebbe Debuck (@sebbedebuck) absolutely tearing up an EPIC park.

Enter The Stomping Grounds (@TheStompingGroundsPark).

(Image from @thestompinggroundpark Instagram)

For those of you not in the know, like we were, let us fill you in. The Stomping Grounds is a glacier-side terrain park, that provides what they like to call “High Performance Halfpipe and Slopestyle Sessions”. Home of the stomping grounds is Saas Fee, a village in southern Switzerland just north of the Italian border.

Now why are we so psyched about a video filmed last year? Because starting today the pros and their crews are all getting into Saas Fee. While there’s no comp going on, and it’s not a mass media event, it is all over Instagram and social media, and we’re determined to keep you covered.

So what do we know?

Well, let’s start with the features themselves. Taken off of The Stomping Grounds website:

“Our world class slopestyle sessions will be returning once again this autumn to provide skiers and snowboarders with an unrivalled pre-season training environment. Off the back of an incredible winter season in Switzerland our team is excited to be working with even more snow on the glacier - expect big developments with the jump lines along with even more rails to add to our ever-growing fleet!

Internationally acclaimed park shapers Charles Beckinsale and Brandon Dodds will be accompanied by the Swiss shaping maestro Kobi Würsch and his Saas Fee park team to once again create autumn's longest and most diverse park lap.

We believe in quality over quantity; athlete numbers stay down so the set up remains pristine throughout your session.”

Sounds like a good time huh? Well the pros are enjoying just that as The Stomping Grounds kicked off this years sessions today (October 8th), and they’ll be continuing to host top notch snowboarders from around the world for the next month.

Now who are those pros? Well this isn’t the most well-covered event, you surely won’t find on many of the snowboarding magazines and blogs we checked. We had to do some good ole digging through Instagram for this info.

As it stands our list of top notch snow bums attending include:

Stale Sanbech (@stalesandbech)
Tyler Nicholson (@tyler_nicholson)
Kokomo Murase (@cocomonsan)
McRae Williams (@mcrae_williams)
Mons Roisland (@monsroisland)

Greydin Mccala (@greydinmccala)
Sebastien Toutant (@sebtoots)
Jamie Anderson (@jamieanderson)

And the guys behind the lens with them include:

Spencer Whiting (@gimbalgod)
Glenn Pettersen (@glennpettersen / @processfilms)

What to expect:

Currently, Stomping Grounds is just kicking off so there’s not too much to show you today. We do know that when all these pros are in one place you can expect some epic shit to go down, especially when you’ve got the likes of @gimbalgod and @glennpettersen filming it all.

Over the next couple weeks you can expect more updates from us with the latest on what the pros are sending while visiting Switzerland. We’ll do our best to keep the stoke high and keep you informed.

Now, a lot of this is gathered off Instagram, where we’ll be providing even more coverage of the dope shenanigans the pros are up to while they live the snow bum dream and shred The Stomping Grounds. If you really want to see what the pros are up to we highly recommend following us @prosnowbums so you can keep up to date with the pros as we cover their early start to the season!

If you’ve got a tip, a dope vid or a pro we missed. Email us or contact us on Instagram and we’ll check it out!