Top 7 Ways To Earn Free Swag & Make Money Being A PSB Ambassador

Top 7 Ways To Earn Free Swag & Make Money Being A PSB Ambassador

It’s every snow bums dream to make some money while doing what they love. Now you can!

We’ve recently launched the Pro Snow Bums Ambassador Program and now you can access exclusive gear, cash rewards, and a storewide 25% discount by being an ambassador of our brand and culture.

You’ll get a discount code and link to share with your friends too! Share this Code with your friends to earn rewards like the exclusive Ambassador Gear. As you rack up referrals we’ll send you :

  • Starting right away you’ll receive 5 of all sales from referrals.

  • 1 Referral: A Pro Snow Bums sticker of your choice.

  • 3 Referrals: AMBASSADOR EXCLUSIVE Pro Snow Bums Tee

  • 6 Referrals: AMBASSADOR EXCLUSIVE Pro Snow Bums Hat

  • 9 Referrals: AMBASSADOR EXCLUSIVE Pro Snow Bums Hoodie.

  • 10 Referrals: Welcome to the double digit club. From here on out you'll receive 10% of the sale whenever a homie makes a purchase.

Yes we also want you to make some cash! That's why you'll get cash in your pocket for every sale that comes from you!

Dope right?

And guess what we’ll even show you how to earn easy referrals 😉

Now because we want to make getting referrals as easy as possible for you, here are the top 7 ways to promote your Code :


1.) Tell all your friends & everyone on the slopes:

Now here’s the #1 way to earn referrals and clout on the slopes.

Let’s face it if you’re riding with us, we know you’re the cream of the crop.

So tell the crew, tell your family, and tell your friends all over about how you’re finally making some cash doing what you love.


2.) Wear Pro Snow Bums gear 

Pro Snow Bums Rider Pat Bixler with snowboard putting on snowboarding gear.

There’s no better way to make referrals than showing people in real life how much you

live the Pro Snow Bums brand. Using your 25% off all our gear you can get decked out for cheap, making sure you’ll be able to show off your favorite designs

Wearing your PSB gear on the slopes could make you some easy sales and referrals, even with strangers on the chairlift, but don’t forgive to pass on your 20% off code!


3.) Make a Facebook Post -

Pro Snow Bums Ambassador Facebook Post

It’s as easy as copying the post we’ve written below, but feel free to change it so you can send a more personal message. Don’t forget to add in your coupon code!


“What’s up everyone? I finally stepped up my snowboarding game and am now repping

a real snowboarding brand! Thanks to the guys at Pro Snow Bums you can now get 20%

off your first purchase of anything on the Pro Snow Bums store with my code NAME20.

When you make a purchase it helps me earn free gear and cash for the season, check it out



4.) Put us in your Facebook Bio :

Pro Snow Bums Ambassador Facebook Bio

Make sure everyone knows who you’re rocking with when they visit your wall on Facebook.

By editing your bio with the following you can be sure to make sure that cutie looking at your profile sees you’re legit, and they might even net you a referral:

“Pro Snow Bums Ambassador

Get 20% off when you use NAME20”


5.) Put us in your Instagram Bio -

Pro Snow Bums Ambassador Instagram Bio

Here’s an easy way to make some passive referrals just through your Insta, and it only takes a 60 seconds!

All you’ve got to do is go on Instagram and copy the following into your bio:

“Pro Snow Bums Ambassador

👇👇 Get 20% off when you use NAME20 ”


Don’t forget to change the discount code and add your unique website link to the Pro Snow Bums website.

( at the bottom of your bio to make sure you’re sending

people on their way to make a purchase and help you get that sweet swag and cash.


6.) Post a Story on Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook

Instagram Facebook Snapchat Story Example

Even a quick video telling your friends how excited you are can really make a difference. Posting a quick clip on your story takes no time at all and will make sure your followers see that you’ve finally achieved Pro Snow Bum status.

If you want you can use our template and our Background Pic to inspire you. Remember to attach a link to your discount link to make it as easy as possible for them to check out the store.

Pro Snow Bums Story Template Pro Snow Bums Story Template 2