Become an Ambassador!


We're looking for the best of the best, the true snow bums, that are ready to step up and show others what it means to be a Pro Snow Bum.

Think that's you? To be a true Pro Snow Bum you've got to live the winter lifestyle seven days a week, three hundred days a year.

Maybe that means drooling over photos and videos on Insta while you wait for the season, or picking up other sports just to get that feeling, doing dishes just to pay for passes, or eating ramen for months on end as you save for a new board or skis.

If this sounds like you then you are on the right path to becoming an ambassador! Excited? You should be.

Being an ambassador for Pro Snow Bums isn't just a fancy title, it's a way to get free swag and even cash right in your pocket. 

You earn a referral each time a friend uses your invite code and makes a purchase. At different benchmarks you'll receive free gear on top of the 5% you'll receive when friends make a purchase! 

  • 1 Referrals: A Pro Snow Bums sticker of your choice.
  • 3 Referrals: AMBASSADOR EXCLUSIVE Pro Snow Bums Tee
  • 6 Referrals: AMBASSADOR EXCLUSIVE Pro Snow Bums Hat
  • 9 Referrals: AMBASSADOR EXCLUSIVE Pro Snow Bums Hoodie.
  • 10 Referrals: Welcome to the double digit club. From here on out you'll receive 10% whenever a homie makes a purchase.

Pro Snow Bums Ambassador Tee ShirtPro Snow Bums Ambassador HatPro Snow Bums Ambassador Hoodie

As a Pro Snow Bums Ambassador you'll be given an exclusive discount code so you can get decked out in gear at some of the lowest prices we'll EVER offer to anyone.

Ready to make cash and get swag just from talking about Pro Snow Bums? Here's your chance. Fill out the form above and we'll get you started!