The Low-Down

Pro Snow Bums isn't a brand for everyone. We're for the early morning shredders and the days end closers. We're for the guys and gals willing to spend a whole day perfecting a single trick. The high flyers and the rail jammers. We're for the people who make animal noises when they go into the trees. The guys willing to hike miles for 20-minutes of powder. We're for the guys who live and breathe the skiing and riding lifestyle. The self-proclaimed Snow Bums you can find on any mountain all over the world. If this sounds like you, we want you to join us and be a part of the culture we're building.

Our goals are simple. We want to create the best apparel for snow bums to wear on and off the mountain. We want to provide quality gear for low prices because as snow bums we know it can get expensive quick. And in the end, we want to create a network around the world so that anywhere you go there will always be true shredders to ride with. We know being a snow bum is a lifestyle, and it's time we grew this lifestyle into a community that spans nations mountains.