OTG Golden Glade Goggles

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The OTG (Over The Glasses) Golden Glade's are yellow, with a black strap, and they cover your eyes. What more could you ask from a pair of goggles?

Well, actually a lot. Our Golden Glade Goggles offer maximum protection with a super-durable frame to take all those pesky branches, and UV protective lens to protect your eyes when you finally come out of the trees and onto the sunny trails. With a spherical lens and superior venting you'll have a full view of the trees in front of you that is sure to never get foggy while keeping those high speed winds off your eyes.

The Golden Glades also come with a protective sock and case so you can leave beating them up for when you're on the slopes.

Lens Width: 18.2cm / 7.2in
Lens Height: 9.8cm / 3.8in
Frame Width: 16.2cm / 6.4in
Frame Height: 10cm / 3.9in
Weight: 140g / 4.9oz